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Drum Corps Academy Cohort (DCAC) is a special program opening at Olney Charter High School in September 2019. With a maximum of 60 ninth graders and a cohorted schedule, DCAC will have a small-magnet feel. And with a One-to-One iPad program, Member Support Coordinator, and nationally recruited teachers, DCAC will prepare all students for college.


DCAC was just awarded $10,000 from the  Mayor’s Fund to allow us to start a One-to-One iPad program. iPads will be used to do research, classwork, turn in assignments, access sheet music, and more. We’re still deciding if the iPads will be available to take home.


Q: Who attends the Drum Corps Academy Cohort at OCHS?

A: Students, or as we call them, members.

The main reason we call our students “members” is to honor Drum Corps tradition. Traditional corps members sign a contract and pay dues. DCAC students will sign a member contract, but the “dues” that our members pay are not measured in dollars and cents. Rather, in hard work and a dedication to improve every day.


DCAC members begin and end their day in Band class and move through their academic classes with the same 20-30 peers. So, even though there are 2000 students at Olney Charter High School, the DCAC will feel like a small magnet school.


If you love music, but do not currently know how to play an instrument, DCAC is the place for you. DCAC members will study an instrument for about 50 minutes each day and music will be infused into the entire curriculum - so Math, English, and Spanish will all have a little music in them.


If you did not get all A’s & B’s in middle school, your chances for college are extremely limited. DCAC is a second chance at a college prep program. We do not have grade requirements for application.


DCAC is in Olney Charter High School near Front & Roosevelt Blvd making it easily accessible by:

  • Bus (J, R, 1, 8, 57 & 75)

  • The Fox Chase Regional Rail Line

  • Walking

    • DCAC is less than a mile from

    • Andrew J. Morrison

    • Thurgood Marshall

    • Lindley Academy

    • Olney Elementary

    • Feltonville Arts & Sciences

    • Grover Washington (Middle School)

  • Car

  • And of course, helicopter, jetpack, and teleportation


One of the things that makes DCAC special is the teachers. Your Math teacher might also be an expert on trumpet and your English teacher might also be a drum guru! They will infuse the whole curriculum with music and will support you better by being in constant communication with each other, with your parents, and with you.


The Member Support Coordinator is there to make sure you succeed in the Drum Corps Academy Cohort. They will work with you to identify any thing that is a barrier to you and help you overcome it - whether that barrier is an IEP goal, learning English, or even something like your own attitude.


During the 2nd week of January, we shut down all music classes for one week. At this time, members devote 100% of their time to academic goals. During Academic Bootcamp, you will see members doing extra credit, reading and math interventions, research projects, diagnostic testing, and reading for pleasure.


Olney Charter High School is one of the largest high schools in Philadelphia making DCAC members eligible to participate in a full range of sports and clubs. We have a championship baseball team, our football team made the playoffs, and our drama program is one of the best in the city. The list of OCHS after school clubs is enormous.